Spirit of Kings Aludra Eau de Parfum 100ml

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Spirit of Kings Aludra Eau de Parfum Unisex 100ml

We'll say it right away: Aludra is one of our favourite stars from the luminous series by Spirit of Kings. The extremely luxurious unisex fragrances from Spirit of Kings are stored in noble, gold-coloured flacons! Each fragrance tells a poetic story, each name dedicated to a special star in the firmament.

Aludra belongs to the constellation of the great dog. 2000 light years away, it has 100,000 times the luminosity of the sun! And so the perfume also shines deep into our soul. From the very first moment, something unprecedented reveals itself. A fragrance that no one has ever smelled before. A fruit that has never been tasted. Equivalent to the Arabic meaning: Aludra stands for virginity. According to the idea of its creators, the fragrance tells the story of a king's daughter who is deeply impressed by a less-than-royal hero.

For Spirit of Kings Aludra, fragrance artist Christian Provenzano has transformed truly rare and numerous precious ingredients from nature into a magical perfume. The unique recipe first arouses amazement, then admiration! How do sparkling bergamot, sour rhubarb, sweet lychee and spicy nutmeg work in the top note? How do precious rose absolues, vanilla and musk in the heart note go together? To then be captured not only by woody-warm cashmere and cedar notes, but by extravagant incense in the base note, of all things? The answer: so contrasting, so homogeneous, so ingenious, this fragrance encompasses the entire claviature of the perfumer's art! Spirit of Kings Aludra is a truly exquisite essence with ultra-long silage. A perfume for eternity. For a 2000-year light journey through time! Absolutely! For her AND him! For certain hours and ordinary days.

The Spirit of Kings perfumes are not only famous for their unusual mixture of precious ingredients, but also for their original packaging: the gold-coloured flacons symbolise kings and queens, decorated with coats of arms and crowned with precious stones that look real. Sapphires, emeralds, diamonds - each fragrance star in the line has its own royal spirit. In Aludra, a pale amethyst crowns the statue. It stands for decisiveness and positivity. Just what kings and queens need!


Fragrance pyramid of Spirit of Kings Aludra

  • Top notes: bergamot, rhubarb, lychee, nutmeg
  • Heart notes: Turkish rose, peony, vanilla, musk
  • Base notes: cashmere, Haitian vetiver, cedarwood, incense
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