Spirit of Kings Arrakis Eau de Parfum 100ml

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Spirit of Kings Arrakis Eau de Parfum Unisex 100ml

Quite often in life, less is more. And sometimes you really have to reduce yourself to the essentials in order to discover true treasures. This also applies to the unusual mixture of Spirit of Kings Arrakis. The fragrance artist Christian Provenzano actually only uses THREE ingredients and yet manages to tell an unusual story with them. Of the sad king who mourns the loss of the beloved daughter and heiress he had longed for so long. Yes, no love is as great as that for a child and no loss hurts more. Returning to what is essential helps to appreciate what is truly precious in life more than ever!

Spirit of Kings Arrakis pays homage to the star whose Arabic name is reminiscent of a dancer. A dancer between worlds. As reduced as the recipe may seem: it is always refined! The fresh, fruity and tart grapefruit unites with the more than unusual heart note of wood to be embraced by uniquely balsamic ambroxan. As with some of the perfumes in the Spirit of Kings range, avant-garde artist Provenzano literally dissolves the conventional fragrance pyramid. All the ingredients unite at the first perceived whiff to form a rounded whole that is inseparable and indissolubly linked to an inimitable fragrance of its own. Spirit of Kings Arrakis reveals the highest art of perfumery with only three ingredients!

It is not only the unusual mixture of precious ingredients that makes the Spirit of Kings perfumes famous, but also the extravagant packaging: the gold-coloured flacons symbolise kings and queens, decorated with coats of arms and crowned with precious stones that look real. Sapphires, emeralds, diamonds - each fragrance star in the line has its own royal spirit. In Arrakis, a yellow zircon, one of the oldest healing stones in the world, crowns the flacon. It helps with separation and loss and comforts the grieving king. Furthermore, the zircon helps us to focus on the essential and really important things in life!

Fragrance pyramid of Spirit of Kings Arrakis

  • Top notes: grapefruit
  • Heart notes: woody notes
  • Base notes: ambroxan
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